BSNL has not asked its customers to send their mail userid, password and Date of Birth for issue of new email password.
All the customers are requested to ensure that they do not share any such information with anobody either physically or
through email to avoid any misuse of their email.

NEW Mail to SMS service can be used by Sancharnet (Prepaid Dialup) customers only.
For sending SMS using mail user id, send as a mail to "91<mobileno>" in the recipients field through BSNL mail portal Charges as applicable. mail users can use their same email id and password in the domain as well ie. works in the same manner as but not vice versa.

Mail FAQ's   

Dear BSNL Mail Users, Enjoy free POP/IMAP service to access your mails with increased Mailbox size of 50MB and 100M .
Username Dear Sancharnet user, Welcome to your new Messaging portal.
  • Mailbox size has been increased (for retail users to 20Mb & business users to 100Mb).
  • You have an additional mail ID ( You can login using, or with just the username.